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虽然她睡觉的前任Loz Taylor在这次采访中谈论独立的操作和音乐演变。

从爆炸发布的“北方没有”和“这是六”的爆炸发布,“北方人”,“北方人”,“北方人”是十年的十年。她睡觉在自己的宇宙中几乎存在的地方发现自己。他们的声音已经来自突飞猛进,来自那些早期释放的废旧机组人员现在立即可识别和独特的吉他旋律,多强子狼犬权衡,以及最近引入电子产品的东西2019’s So What? which are far more fully integrated on new album Sleeps Society. More publicly, that album is named after and accompanied by a Patreon service launched last year along with accompanying lead single and title track, which is just the latest and most natural development in the plans of a band who have always been highly vocal on the matter of being a young band in a heavy genre in today’s industry.

从任何一个国家睡觉时,他们睡觉了一个经营的经营方式,同时睡觉了繁重音乐中的一个最有用和勤奋的乐队之一。案例是睡眠社会的分发过程,睡眠社会在大流行期间看到乐队雇用他们通常的旅游道路船员来处理它 - 这使他们的专辑有资格获得英国专辑表的位置,但在保持人的情况下看到了大规模的成功在受雇的弱势职位上,只是完成工作。Frontman Loz Taylor相信现有的方式是给予,而她睡觉寿命和与音乐生存所需的观众相连。


是的,它肯定有。我会说我们一直非常幸运,这对我们来说都是如此。我们在大流行非常严重的时候巡回演出,谈到闭路和所有这些,所以我们削减了我们的美国之旅,在安排进入我们的美国赛中工作效果很好工作室。Writing and recording an album has not been the easiest, it’s not easy when you’re wanting to be really hands on and you’re having to stay home while the drums are being laid down or whatever, Sean’s laying down some really sick guitar riff and Matt’s having to show me it being done on his phone, but we can’t grumble seriously about how things have gone for us. So many people in the world have been more isolated than ever before, so it’s been amazing to have something to focus our creative energy into. Even down to releasing the record and being able to open up a pop-up store in London and Sheffield, the timing of all the dates worked in our favour.


对我们来说,我们一直想成为一个听起来不像其他人的乐队,不局限于金属核作为一个流派,并尽可能多的尝试。我想说的是,我们经历过的每一张唱片都教会了我们很多关于我们个人、我们的粉丝基础以及作为艺术家如何成长的东西。而言,如何发布记录的结构与睡社会作为一个模型,我们想把我们的“粉丝团”,说“看,如果你想支持我们,这将是最好的办法未来”,我认为这是一个教训,我们从“我们”。那是我们第一次脱离唱片公司并承诺发行专辑,这也是我们迄今为止最成功的众筹之一。在《沉睡的社会》中,我们想要创造一些类似但更刺激的内容,并创造一些能够支持我们前进的内容。在歌曲创作方面,我们想要带来一些直接的东西,打开我们试图传达的关于这个行业的信息,以及它的发展方式将如何影响未来的乐队和我们孩子的孩子。我们希望在未来能够改变方向,并告诉玩家这是硬核,朋克和金属等类型都能够蓬勃发展的地方,而不是说“我不会加入任何类型的乐队,因为这太糟糕了”。肖恩是乐队的主要编剧,很多时候我们都是根据他的即兴创作来创作歌曲的。他总是让我着迷,在2006/07年成为While She sleep back乐队的成员之前,我就认为他是一个令人难以置信的吉他手,当时他们在唐卡斯特支持我的一个乐队,我说:“这些家伙都很疯狂,大概16岁。”很长一段时间以来,肖恩一直试图让他的吉他声音在某种程度上电子,他有点爱上了复古的合成器的声音。 He’s been messing around with loads of different whammy bars and weird effects on his guitar he can swap and change into, and I feel like now you’re starting to see the synth parts and his guitar experiments merge together into just his writing style in general. It’s bringing a whole new element to the band that I honestly didn’t think we’d ever reach and push so predominantly. For a while though metalcore became a bit of a dirty word. After that wave of bands like Darkest Hour and Unearth who were really important for us, it became a lot of American bands just pushing themselves through the metalcore machine to get a record at the end of it, and for me it became a bit tedious hearing a lot of the same sounds. I was a huge emo kid back in the day too and that became a dirty word too. For us, using different instruments is always what we’re into, we use quite funky production on a lot of songs whether it’s an according or some weird sound, so I think Sean’s just really enjoying messing with these and seeing what we can create running alongside his guitar. I think that’s why “So What?” was like the catalyst for the sound that we’ve got now on “Sleeps Society”.


I always relate back to “You Are We” for this where a lot of the time when you’re in a band and you do your first few records, you’re kinda in a bubble where people are blowing smoke up your arse because they think you’re going to be the next Slipknot. They always push you to be the next biggest thing and for a while you can buy into it from the press, but it’s always about the fan-base. Without them being open to new things it doesn’t allow you to experiment. “You Are We” taught us that our fan-base really gave a shit about what we do, whether it’s in the music industry or pushing our band to a certain place, and that gave us the confidence to be more experimental. We have a bit of a philosophy now where if it kinda excites us but doesn’t feel necessarily totally While She Sleeps, we go for it anyway, because that will hopefully be interesting for our fan-base too instead of just recording the same album twice.




肖恩写了那首歌的结构,它在真正需要的时候来到他身边。我认为自然认为我们在那首歌中所说的原始诚实。我们在这张专辑中经历过的一些主题和主题涉及在过去几年中经历了这段乐队的一些成员,试图在他们的生活中恢复平衡。我挣扎着酗酒,在过去几年里,我生命中的一大部分要在那里找到平衡并踢习惯。它影响了我的声音,我歪曲了自己,一般是一个鸡巴,这是我必须克服的东西,所以我们经历的自然旅程是我们可以谈论的东西。我们想要做的是通过这些歌曲灌输某种积极的态度和统一。With “Nervous”, Sean has suffered for a long time with panic attacks and anxiety and he’s gone through a massive journey trying to deal with that, making it a part of his life in knowing that it’s not gonna go away but learning how to not let it crush him. When it was in the demo stage, I was in a bit of a dark place and heard “Nervous” on the list of songs that we were taking as potentials for the record, and just messaged everyone that people needed to hear this song. It’s made it a very important song for us. Getting Simon Neill involved with that was another amazing thing. He was so up for being involved, hugely enthusiastic about the message of the song and such a humble guy, and I think it’s a credit to him and Biffy Clyro that they’ve done such great things in being a UK rock band and remaining that humble and down to Earth. He crushed his parts, and then obviously going through a pandemic, the more that we put our attention to this song the more that we felt that it made sense for people to get that song when they were isolated more than ever before. I lost one of my close friends to suicide during the first lockdown, and it just made me think about if he wasn’t isolated as part of lockdown, and he had his support network around him, would he have reached that point of taking his own life? It had so many connotations and felt like such an important time to send out that message to hopefully do some positive things for people.


我们觉得我们是一个乐队的主要原因之一,谁可以谈论音乐行业和系统如何失败,我们是一个非常勤奋的乐队。我们有一个非常朋克的岩石道德,我们如何追踪事情,我觉得是非常约克的。完成它。我们从来没有任何停机时间。我们从家里整天回家,我们的手机仍在休息,因为我们正在跳上想法,接下来正在发生什么。这绝对是让我们忙碌。睡眠社会在刚刚在没有它的情况下在一般来说这张专辑的巨大帮助,我们本可以在一个非常困难的情况下。还有其他乐队在那里,乐队有点抛弃乐队,占用日常工作,以便在他们无法播放的时候通过。实际帮助的主要事情之一是我们已经能够将我们的旅游工作人员带回仓库作为事物的一部分,并将其保留在工资单上。我们分发了我们的纪录的方式是我们希望我们的Merch Guy和我们的声音家伙和视频,他们在路上和我们一起出去的路上回来。 The album couldn’t chart being distributed like that but we want to do this for as long as possible, and it really feels like with the past few records we’re managing to create this wicked sense of community which is what it’s always been about for us.


我们只想让参与睡眠社会的人们觉得他们正在爆炸他们的巴克。We know that it’s not easy to dig a little bit deeper and support bands in this way, and that if every band was to move to doing things like this it would turn into a situation where you might have to pick your top favourite band that month and go and support them. It’s helped us compartmentalise how we address our fanbase in general through social media though. We know now that the Sleeps Society members are the ones who love this band as much as we do, and we can go there direct and give them a bit more to unwrap and get into for more insight into the band, and on the other hand it gives us a clearer way to address an Instagram following more who still love the band and like what we’re doing but don’t necessarily want this really deep information overload. We can chop that away a little bit and give the broader social medias just what they wanna be there for. We feel really united with all of our fans in this way, not just the Society members, and we’re really grateful for anybody out there that’s listening and is into our band, no matter how you’re supporting or what level that is.


这是疯了一样的,所有这些乐队都努力留在最重要的东西,这是那些乐队和船员的每个成员如何承诺的信誉。我认为它只是归结为它有多少激情。我记得在校车的后面,坐在校车的后面,穿着滑倒的连帽衫,对我来说,所有这一切都让我感到更加意识到我所属的地方是这种不同的替代音乐场景。The sense of community that I got from that and still get when I see someone wearing a band t-shirt that I like, it’s always been there for us, whether it’s our peers in other bands showing support for us and us them for how well they’re doing, or feeling like part of an outsider community. It’s awesome to see bands digging deep and staying true striving for what they’re always wanted to be. I think bands like Enter Shikari and Bring Me the Horizon have really paved the way in terms of how diverse their sounds are, and if people give them shit they just eat it up and carry on. The UK rock and metal scene has been amazing over the past decade in terms of being willing to be diverse but also loyal to the bands that they’re into and pushing bands into the charts. We’re constantly seeing music genres smashing together and are getting into a time now where that’s what is interesting about music. If you take a country like Australia, where Architects got a number 1 over there as well, they’ve got this extreme sports edge to their country and so rock and metal always gets pushed quite high. Over the years we’ve been seeing that grow in the UK in people being ready for it. We get called a gateway band all the time where people who aren’t necessarily into metal will find something about our band they like, and we open the door for them to start listening to loads of other metal and punk stuff they’d never listen to before. It’s really cool and I’ve got all the respect in the world for all those bands mentioned and everyone else in the UK that’s in an underground rock or metal bands just striving to do well. It’s not an easy industry to be in, after the pandemic we’re gonna have to move onto Brexit and how that is gonna affect bands touring Europe, so it’s a credit to anyone who is still passionate about this when it churn out problems quite consistently.

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