Deftones揭开了“仪式”音乐视频,由Leigh Whonnell定向

发表于2021年4月21日的Ramon Gonzales

恐怖主演主任使从Deftones Fan转换为与乐队最新的视觉凝视克利帕特拉科尔曼的合作者。


The high praise from the director that helmed ‘Insidious: Chapter 3,’ ‘The Invisible Man,’ and the current work in progress of the reboot of the horror classic, ‘Wolfman’ resulted in a phone call from Deftones management to discuss the possibility of Whannell applying his gift of auteur in directing the next Deftones music video.

由此产生的协作是“欧姆”LP轨道“仪式”的最新剪辑。Enlisting actress Cleopatra Coleman (‘The Last Man On Earth‘, ‘In the Shadow Of The Moon‘), the visual offers a compelling narrative with the video’s protagonist navigating secret entrances and a series of doormen, all in her pursuit of finally arriving at her destination. The climax is an emotional one with each member of Deftones presented as a cameo in their own music video – brilliant.

Frontman Chino Moreno分享,“当Leigh推文他是一个粉丝时,我们立即认为与他有机会合作会很酷。我们也是他的粉丝,所以我们应该伸出援手。一瞬间我们在Twitter上互相DM,下一个我们正在制定'仪式'。这一直是我们合作的最佳方式:有机,协作,在这种情况下,迅速地。我们希望每个人都像我们所做的那样享受它。“

Whonnell对由此产生的项目散发出热情。“我一直是一个巨大的Deftones粉丝多十年来,一直羡慕他们致力于他们艺术的各个方面的奉献 - 从音乐视频到专辑覆盖他们的隐秘和迷人的歌词。有机会成为这件艺术的一部分是一个梦想成真。“

观看Leigh Whonnell导向的音乐视频,以便从下面的Deftones中获取“仪式”。